Monday, October 17, 2011

Nike ...

I am not a certified critic to any of the running events but as somebody who has developed the love for running and joining organized running events, I started to look for certain things that delights me in any of these events.
The NIKE run last weekend was not different from any other runs that I joined.  It was fun running the 10K route at BGC.  The route was challenging, the runners were treated to an uphill during the first few kilometers (maybe it was within the first 2 kilometers).  It tested the endurance of any runner – and fortunately, I endured.  Another good thing about it was that the hydration station was along that first hurdle! And every hydration station was strategically located! Runrio has mastered hydration in every event. 
It was a humid night run.  Unfortunately, there were some areas in the route that were not lit properly.  Lamp posts seem to be off.  Lights in the lit areas were glaring since they were too low.  It wasn’t safe at all.  Runners might bump into each other.
Did I mention I ran the whole 10K?  Good for me – because there were over 8000 runners and walkers.  The road was too crowded, and people who can’t seem to sustain walked and it was so hard to make it through the maze of walkers and runners.  I can’t blame those who were walking, but the least that they could do is to stay at the sides to give way to those who are running.  It probably took 3 or 4 kms for somebody to finally run.  (Nakakapagod magEnglish) May mga areas pa na nagkakasalubong na ang mga runners.  Nakakairita man but then again, nobody can blame them coz sila din mismo gusto tumakbo kasi andami naglalakad.  Pero I managed to run naman…. Pero pahirapan.
While most people complain that there wasn’t any finisher’s kit and all, it was Ok for me that what I received at the end of the race was only an apology letter and a graffiti poster.  After all, for 650, I got a NIKE shirt and .. tumble ba yun? Mahal ang mga yun – mas higit pa sa 650 ang nakuha ko sa pre race pa lang… I just can’t complain.   Pero I just can’t blame the runners (ulet) kasi nga there was an expectation set bago pa ang race – na meron matatanggap na surprise… yun na pala yun – surprise kasi wala…wala pa….
Turn off din talaga ang baggage counter!!! Spell disaster... pahirapan ang pagkuha ng bag – kasi masikip, madilim at di organized.
Sabi ng iba – worst run daw.  Parang hindi naman.  July lang ako nagsimula sa pagsali sa mga run pero 2 pa lang ang worst na napuntahan ko – Manila International Marathon at yung Ateneo Run.  Un ang mga worst talaga….
Errr…. Kahit naman may mga palpak, it will not stop me from joining other races – and next year’s NIKE run ulet.  Syempre….    

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