Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So Help Me God

I am showing a grin but deep inside there are butterflies in my stomach.  
I dunno what has gotten into me to sign up for a 25K run when in fact I have not even tried 21K.  I dunno what to expect.  i am scared to death that I might not be able to finish the race.  I am scared to death that I might not be able to make it to the 3 hour-45 min cut off.  

Omar said these are just newbie jitters, the desire to run long distances that soon.  Thank God he understands and was able to give me a few practice tips - errr... a complete practice schedule for the next 3 weeks.  I dunno if these practices will make me better - maybe it will, I am not confident, to be honest.  I am hoping I can make it... I am praying I can make it.

161 will be an unforgettable number.  This will forever be a number that will represent my 'stupidity' and 'excitement' to run a long distance race.  I do not compete against others - I am competing against myself and I am trying to get rid of these butterflies in my stomach.

I have completed 2 days of the practice schedule that Omar gave me.  I still do not feel any better over this dilemma.  Only God knows what will happen on race day.  

If ever I will complete this race, I only wish somebody will be there to cheer for me.  I just wish there will be somebody who will celebrate with me, and will understand the feeling of completing a race.

If ever I fail, I just wish somebody will be there to make me stronger.  I wish someone will tell me that I can do better in my next race.  I wish somebody will tell me it is OK.

Sigh. anxiety...  di ko to gusto!!! huhuhuhuhuhuhu ....

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