Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bull Run 2012

 My very first run for 2012.... It was also one of the races that I really enjoyed... because  I was with some PF peeps.

I am such a lousy blogger ... I dunno how to arrange pictures properly...that will kinda be ... eye-friendly... sigh.... I am a newbie to all of these stuff anyway.  

Next for Me

PRINT SCREEN !!!! hahahahahaha
Next in line....

did I mention I also registered for RUNEW on the 29th?

Got my kits btw, but I dunno where the hell are the pics... I would love to show it here.

There is a big fuzz about the high reg fees for RU1.  
900 for 21K.   Kinda ok.... a lot will really complain, yet i read earlier that there are a lot of runners for 21K.

From my facebook wall.....
Looking at the picture at the right side of this page... it appears that people do not really mind the fees... at least some people don't - or maybe they just have lotsa funds.

Yes it's true, that for any other ordinary Pinoy, joining fun runs can really be expensive... and because of this, it appears as if running has been just another sports for the middle class and above.  Talk about money....

In any case, nobody is stopping me from joining events... I will continue to practice... and hopefully, improve on my endurance - just in time for RU1.


I ran/walked and I finished 21K.  
I am just so happy to have had conquered THE Skyway.
The event was fun, it was a hot/warm day...but the good thing is, the race started really early when it was chilly and the wind was just so amazing.

I will definitely run and conquer THE Skyway again next year.... who knows it could be a 42.

What I Think Doesnt Really Matter

While I was reading I get to think - and wonder - i triathlon a rich-man's sport?

To an ordinary person like me, yes, I think so due to the following reasons:

- you need a bike, and that is expensive for an ordinary person earning just enough to pay foe personal expenses - unless otherwise will really save a lot to buy one
- you need to train with coaches, especially if you have ZERO formal swimming lessons, no swimming pool at home/condo/subdivision - and there is no such thing as training with a coach for free - somehow, there is a form of "payment" in whatever form
- you need to go out of town because tri venues are mostly out of the metro - and you need to spend when you are there - a lot to consider - - housing and food
- swim gear - I guess you will look funny if you wear shorts while in a tri when all other people are wearing tri suits
- you need to spend for food everytime you go out on trainig especially if you have training buddies - you cant rely on a free meal all the time

Maybe I am wrong. I havn't really given it much though of joining one - or enganing into tri. Who knows after a few years I might change my mind.

Will I Register in These Runs?

I have been reading - and I am loving it.
I felt bad I was not able to read the entry on the TBRDM reservation. I will surely reserve for TBRDM 2013 and I want that to be my first marathon.
Meanwhile, I came up with a list of "must join" runs this year -