Sunday, February 19, 2012

What I Think Doesnt Really Matter

While I was reading I get to think - and wonder - i triathlon a rich-man's sport?

To an ordinary person like me, yes, I think so due to the following reasons:

- you need a bike, and that is expensive for an ordinary person earning just enough to pay foe personal expenses - unless otherwise will really save a lot to buy one
- you need to train with coaches, especially if you have ZERO formal swimming lessons, no swimming pool at home/condo/subdivision - and there is no such thing as training with a coach for free - somehow, there is a form of "payment" in whatever form
- you need to go out of town because tri venues are mostly out of the metro - and you need to spend when you are there - a lot to consider - - housing and food
- swim gear - I guess you will look funny if you wear shorts while in a tri when all other people are wearing tri suits
- you need to spend for food everytime you go out on trainig especially if you have training buddies - you cant rely on a free meal all the time

Maybe I am wrong. I havn't really given it much though of joining one - or enganing into tri. Who knows after a few years I might change my mind.

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