Sunday, February 19, 2012

Will I Register in These Runs?

I have been reading - and I am loving it.
I felt bad I was not able to read the entry on the TBRDM reservation. I will surely reserve for TBRDM 2013 and I want that to be my first marathon.
Meanwhile, I came up with a list of "must join" runs this year -

1.) Run United 1
2.) Run United 2 (though I might not be able to join this since I will be flying to Bukidnon on June 16 - but who knows, the race will be moved...)
3.) Run United 3 (and I wanna try 32K this time)
4.) Adidas KOTR
5.) Natgeo Earth Run (if there will be one)
6.) NB Power Run (will try to run another 25K)
7.) Rexona Adventure Run (if there wil be one - last year was super fun)
8.) AKTV Fun RUn (if there will be any - this was my very first participation in a fun run in 2011 and though to some it wasnt a brilliant run, this was really meorable for me)
9.) MILO Marathon Manila Elims and Finals (and this time I will be running 21K - and hopefully make it to the 2:30 cut-off)
10.) St. Peter Life Run - probebly the cheapest run but one of the most enjoyable, most organized hat I have been to last year)

There could be more .. but these were jsut a few of thoaw that I missed and I enjoyed last year.

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