Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Be Honest .... and Run

Honesty is the best policy.
That was one of the posters in our grade 3 classroom.
Never did ever cross my mind that it will become a theme for a fun run.
It was a run organized by a religious group and joined it. 
Here are the good stuff that I noticed:

1.) ONSITE registration. the registration process itself is such a pain in the a$$ coz there aint any reg site in the makati or rox. you need to deposit your fee, fax or email the slip and they will send you your kit.... hassle. that really made me decide not to run.... coz i do not have the time to do all of those things.... but fortunately, they decided to come up with an on site registration before fun start. I was able to register an hour before the published gun start.

2.) Hyrdation was enough. Though there were not tables with plastic cups filled with water, I counted 4 stations, 1 of which was a Pocari Sweat station, and the other 3 distributed bottled water. One can grab a bottle and carry it throughout the race, or consume a bottle and grab another one on the next station. 

3.) Medal distribution and medal distribution staff was awesome. Since onsite registrants are not entitled to medals (unfortunately), they made sure that none of them (or US) can get one. The staff were vigilant and they made sure they were looking at each bib for any sign of late registrant or a qualified medal awardee.

4.) Good warm up prior to gun start. Though it was really a boring routine, but nevertheless, the warm up exercises were more than enough to warm those muscles! 

5.) The baggage counter was a van.... which is good because everyone was kinds sure the bags were safe.

Yes ..... donuts!!!!  whew.... nice.....

7.)  Coffee...MILO ... Enervon HP 

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