Sunday, March 25, 2012

NatGeo Step 1 - Done.

My mind was thinking of running but I just do not feel the vibe to write something.  I finally decided to register for the Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2012.

And here is the email confirmation!!! All I gotta do is to wait for that 5 - 7 days for the delivery of my race kit.

I was so eager to join this run last year but I was so timid to register because I do not have any friends and that I do not know how a fun run registration works.  Now, after a year and more than 6 fun runs ... here I am, so eager again and finally able to register for this race.  This is one of the races that I must not miss for 2012 (see Will I Register ?).  I'll definitely show how the kit looks like once I have them.

Did I mention I'm running 21K?

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