Tuesday, March 6, 2012

RUNew (delayed posting...hehehehe)

RUNEW - the Asian Hospital run was really awesome!
It was my first time to run in Alabang and it was really remarkable, memorable and challenging at the same time.
The entire 21K route was shaded with trees, and the streets were not very crowded. There were very few cars thus it was "fresh" so to speak.
The route within the exclusive Ayala Alabang Village made the run more fun since runners were treated with the sight of huge and arcitecturally pleasing houses and expensive luxury cars. Moreover, the uphill route made it more challenging for everyone. There were lots of hydration stations and the bananas and sponges were strategically located. I should commend the seemingly "equal spacing" of the hydration stations - it made the run-walk strategy more effective - at least for me. Hydration stations were the only walk breaks for mem except for the last 4 of 3 kilometers when I really needed to conserve more energy for the last stretch of the race. I shiuld say, the shade of the trees that along the final 500 meters were really awesome!
The first part of the race though was met with a different kind of challenge - it was really dark and marshalls were there holding flashlights at potholes. That was commendable, but still too dangerous for anyone running with speed. There were a few lights, which unfortunately blinded the runners pausing mroe hazard than benefit. Fortunately, my cellphone has a flashlight - it was handy at that point of the race. There were also buses parked at that part of the route - so fumes were inevitable. Other than that, well, it was really a great race. There are other comments in here: http://www.pinoyfitness.com/2012/02/asian-hospital-runew-2012-results-discussion/comment-page-1/#comment-72704 .
The bronze medal for the 21K runners were nice. The lace looks like a medal from FEU. I just cant complain because the medal was more than enough to relieve the pain from the aching leg muscles. The loot bag was also great - lotsa TANG juice. I am not a big fan of the brand but I really appreciate the contents of the loot bag. I was not able to enjoy the booths in the activity area because it was really hot at almost 8:00 AM. But I still enjoyed the race anyway.
My buddies Kirby and Hector also finished the race, we all raved at the route. I am not really sure if they got their PR in that race, but in any case, we all had fun. I got a PR btw at 2:36:++ - down from 2:48:++ during the Condura Skyway Marathon about 3 weeks ago. Happy :)
I will be looking forward to another race in Alabang that will hopefully allow runners to enjoy the sights in the exclusive Village. Meanwhile, it is time to keep the memories of RUNEW and focus on RU1 on Sunday.
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