Sunday, June 10, 2012

I am 'temporarily' back

OMG. I lost track of time. It has been a while since my last last last fun run... and I have totally forgotten the moments I had in those runs.
I just noticed that there were peeps - friends who have stepped up/leveled up when it comes to the active lifestyle that they have - they are now into conquering heights and mountains and trails and that leaves me to the same roads that I conquer every fun run without super uber significant improvement in my PR....(whew that was a mouthful).
I can't complain though.  Nursing an injury which I have no idea what this could be and what caused this, I still push myself to run, not thinking about the dangers of making a small injury escalate in exponential proportions.
In any case, I am temporarily back in this diary... 
temporary because ...

i feel that my creative juices have ran out
i feel that the pain in my soles is just too painful to write about running (duh! drama)
i do not have a PC/laptop after our cat nibbled on the charger adaptor wire and presto!!! i cant charge the laptop anymore
i just need more fuel to ignite my gusto in writing again.
whatever that fuel may be ... only God knows ...

How I envy some friends who have actually been able to maintain a nice blogsite - nice layout and nice write ups ang lots of followers - to the point that they get invites to press launch, bloggers launch and whatsoever.
I envy them for always finding the perfect time to extract creative writing juices.  

My envious feeling will not help me - i know right??!!  but in anycase - who knows - that could be the fuel that I need.

For now I am just glad to be temporarily back.

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