Friday, June 29, 2012


Dinaganay sa Malaybalay 2012 is one of the most memorable events that I have ever joined - kasi ito ang first na takbo ko sa Bukidnon.

Isang taon na rin ako tumatakbo, kalahating taon na rin ako nung una kong subukin ang 21K.  Nangarap din akong matakbo ang route from our house to the high school where I graduated, and run the route from our house to my Tita's house, which, way back then, I had no idea how far it was.  Pinangarap ko rin makatakbo, syempre, sa Bukidnon - kaya even prior to this year's vacation, i was looking for any running events in the province.
This vacation  happened to fulfill all of these aspirations.  I was able to figure out that my high school was not really 3 kms away but just 2.45 kms, and my tita's house is 7 kms away from our house.  Yep, I was able to run those routes... spell dream come true.
I hated the local news shown on tv in the province since i do not get to watch some shows that i usually watch in Manila... pero this time, I saw a segment in a local morning show - about Dinaganay sa Malaybalay - Bukidnon's 1st Full Marathon.  The best part is that the event will happen on a Sunday before we leave back for Manila - and to make the best even better than best (if there is such a thing) - it is not a pricey event.  I immediately decided to make a go for it - and run a Half Mary.
Kahit takot ako ok lang... takot ako mag HM kasi baka di ko matapos kasi alam ko puro pataas ang route eh pero di ko na rin inisip.  Hinangad ko rin ang medal. So inquire naman ako and to my delight, they said there will be a finisher medal.  I got more excited.  Still.... at the back of my mind, takot pa rin ako mag namuo ang idea na mag 10K na lang... pero iisa lang ang sure... pupunta talaga ako ng Malaybalay to run.
I saw the news on a Tuesday morning... and decided to go to Malaybalay on Friday - 2 days prior to the event....
at finally... Friday na nga ....

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