Friday, August 17, 2012

Regent Run

It was not my first time to be a bandit runner  but in any case, I did it again... during the Regent Run but this time I was with the company of good friends.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

From RunRio on RU3

"Hello Runners! The opening of the 2012 Run United 3 In-store registration originally scheduled for today, August 9, is postponed. The heavy rains and floods for the past days made the delivery of race kits to the RunRio office impossible. Meanwhile, Online registration at remains available for everyone's convenience. We will announce the new date for in-store registration opening shortly. Thanks! Unilab Active Health"

Rexona Run Moved

My Rexona Run race kit has not been delivered.  I understand that the rain has not been very nice for the past week that may have affected the delivery of the kits...but then again, I registered way back July 20 and it took a while to have it delivered.  There was a case before when my kit was just delivered a week just after I registered online.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Lightning Bolt

Lightning BOLT does it again - the 100m Olympic gold medalist in London.

Hussein Bolt is a very familiar name in the world of trivia and athletics.  I have always heard of that name and his name was mentioned in one of our sessions in the  Mizuno Run Academy (MOA).  I have never been as curious as now and more eager to see him in action in the Olympics.
I was fortunate enough that he was in action last night (or shall I say early this morning at around 3AM).  I just got home after my shift and the athletics competition's coverage was on tv.  It was a perfect timing, they were showing Bolt's warm up session - and it did gave me a hint that he will be in action soon.  I was not wrong.  I saw him in action during the 2nd heat of the 100m and won with 10.9s. I missed the semis, and I missed the finals. But what is more important for me is that I saw in action.
I was looking at his running form, his falling angle, and honestly, I just could not really figure out what in his form makes him really fast.  I noticed thought that there is a certain "push" or "shake" whatever you call it in his torso that appears to propel him when he is running and you can check that HERE.  Just so amazing.
His performance may not surpass the previous record but it did solidified his place in the world of athletics.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Some Milo Pics

Pre-race pic - with running bud Juvy in her favorite pose... :) 

With another running bud - Hector. Yep, more walking more fun!

With Hector's bro-in-law and sis...yey...nice confetti!!!

The camera just brings out the smile in spite of cramps.

Pic taken before Juvy and Hecky deposits thier stuff in the baggage counter.

Hmmm... Olympics? Athletics?

The Athletics competition the in the 30th edition of the Summer Olympics started a few days ago (or was it yesterday?) and now that I have started running, I am more interested to watch the events.

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Day After the Bitter Day

I wrote a something "bitter" about my 36th Milo Marathon experience.  It was not cool at all but I gotta move on. 
For days (and maybe until now) I feel the pain of defeat - that i feel the pain everytime I look at the pictures of happy faces running in the event.  But then again, I gotta move on and I cannot escape the fact that I am not super ready for long distance running... I gotta deal with it and look at the pictures and just celebrate with those who were successful in achieving their goal.  
This will not be the last Milo Marathon for sure.  I will definitely be coming back on December to run another 21K...and hopefully this time I will get a medal.  I will really prepare for it - I swear!


Sometimes you think that you are invincilbe, that you are good enough, that you can do all things the way as you planned them to be. DUH!!! Sometimes all you gotta do is to tell yourself that you are OK, that you are fine, that things are good in spite of the setback and all unfortunate events - and sometimes you just tell yourself that there will always be a "next time" or there are a thousand se
cond chances that will come your way. Sometimes you just try to convince yourself that you are still good, that there are indeed unfortunate things that happen - darn. It is kinda really hard to admit that you are not really good enough, that you are not that good as what your mind tells you, and you just kinda blame unfortunate things that happen for your misfortune.