Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hmmm... Olympics? Athletics?

The Athletics competition the in the 30th edition of the Summer Olympics started a few days ago (or was it yesterday?) and now that I have started running, I am more interested to watch the events.

Well of course, like any other Olympic fan, I guess all other sports featured in the Olympics are worth watching - especially if a Pinoy is in action.  This time, athletics is more meaningful.  Though I am not as fast as those athletes, I can totally relate to running, time keeping and PRs and what is more interesting is that you can learn from these seasoned athletes, especially when you get to see their running form. 

I am just thrilled to see The "Blade Runner" (Oscar Pistorius) of South Africa - such an inspiring athlete.  I just saw a facebook friend post a pic of Oscar - too bad I was not able to watch it.  Hopefully there will be replays.

Maristella Ocampo - the PHL bet in long jump is yet to compete in the coming days and I just hope I will be able to watch her.  Rene Hererra will also be competing.  Steeplechase - is that what it is called?  I don't have any idea what that is, so I am really interested to watch him.  Honestly though, I am not betting on any medal on these events - but who knows - we will never know.

The Olympics happen once every 4 years and this is just one of the most important events for any athlete.  This is one sporting event that everyone should watch out for.  After London, all eyes will be on Rio de Janiero in Brazil.  I can’t wait for 2016, and I just can't wait for another Athletics action which hopefully this time, will bring a medal home.

I would have wanted to see him in action....I am hoping that there will be replays.

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