Friday, August 17, 2012

Regent Run

It was not my first time to be a bandit runner  but in any case, I did it again... during the Regent Run but this time I was with the company of good friends.

The race was nice and as expected, there were a lot of bandits like me - knowing that the Rexona Run, which was supposed to be on the same day, got cancelled.  Rexona runners who were not able to register in Regent just could not keep their feet off the ground on that Sunday morning.  I was one of those Rexona runners.

In anycase, being an observer in the run itself, all I can say is praises and kudos to the organizers for a very organized and fun-filled event.  Looking at the comments in the Pinoy Fitness Regent Run results and discussion, it appears that majority of the participants really enjoyed the event.

I guess the race started on time. I just could not figure it out because I am not a big fan of wearing watches.  The race route was the usual BGC route that brings you to the British School area, the St Michaels area, all the way to the Kalayaan Flyover with a U-turn somewhere near the RCBC building and back to BGC.

Hydration was nice and evenly spaced, though personally I brought my own hydration.  I just could not see myself stopping at those stations when in fact I am not a registered runner.  I dont wanna grab stuff that aint supposed to be for me...perhaps being a nuisance on their route is enough inconvenience :)  I cannot really comment much on hydration.

The marshals/cheerers were outstanding.  Well, I noticed that there were a lot of familiar faces among the marshals - and yep - they're runners so they definitely understand the participant's need to be guided on the proper route, and at the same time give the proper cheer and push and all those greetings that will really encourage every runner.  It is a very nice sight to see them cheer for other runners who appear to be giving up.  I just like that part

I cannot comment on the lootbag - coz I was just a bandit runner  but I heard that all participants love them.  The medals look ordinary and the size was also ordinary but nevertheless nice and the lace color was very eye-catching (orange).

Did I mention there were a lot of photo ops for everyone?!  Oh, yeah..even bandits have pics from the photographers around... this is something that I really love in the running community.... pictures!!! Find the link in the Pinoyfitness page HERE.

I hope there will be more events like this...I mean, an event that most participants enjoy...bandits or not.

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