Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rexona Run Moved

My Rexona Run race kit has not been delivered.  I understand that the rain has not been very nice for the past week that may have affected the delivery of the kits...but then again, I registered way back July 20 and it took a while to have it delivered.  There was a case before when my kit was just delivered a week just after I registered online.

Fortunately, there is a REXONA RUN ANNOUNCEMENT that was released yesterday.  The Rexona Run is cancelled and moved to a later date.  I just don't know if I will be happy.  The run was moved to September 22, 2012 ... Sunday.  Well, A week before that I plan to run 32K on RU3, then a week after that, I plan to run 16K in KOTR.  I don't want to abuse my knees and foot and shins and all.

Call it a blessing in disguise that the run was moved.  Then again, moving the date just puts me in a position that I needed to choose among those runs so as not to abuse my body. Well...well...well...

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