Thursday, September 6, 2012

Step 1 Finally Done. Road to TBRDM.

2 days of wishing and hoping and dreaming to make it to the list of reserved TBRDM runner and finally the list is out.

Out of thousands who would have wanted to be in the coveted list, luckily my name is included and step 1 of the TBRDM dream is completed.  The next hurdle is the registration - where I need to shell out 3 grand and knowing that I am a salaried employee, it is a big sum and I have other obligations other than this.

Anyhow - tuloy ang pangarap na makatakbo ng isang full marathon.  Tuloy pa rin kahit na kelangan ng mga overtime sa office.  Ganito naman kasi ang lahat ng pangarap...pinaghihirapan.  In m case though, baka mas mahirap, pero ayos lang.

Salamat sa mga friends who already pledged to help me out in this dream, mga friends who volunteered to be cheerers and pacers.  Cool.

The TBRDM journey is on to step 2.  Eto na nga!!!

Ayan na nga ang aking pangalan sa listahan!!! Thank God!!!

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