Sunday, September 2, 2012

TBRDM 2013 - My 5:00 AM Dilemma

September 1. 4:45 AM, I got my mobile from the guard and hurried down the building eager to go online.  5:00 AM kasi ang start ng reservation para sa The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2013 - TBRDM 2013. 

Isa sa pinakaaabangan na event ng mga runners na gusto ng isang masaya at wala masyadong pressure na marathon ang TBRDM.  Gusto ko mapabilang sa mga TBRDM alumni dahil iisa lang ang sinabi nila, masaya at memorable ang event.  Blocked kasi ang website sa office kaya kelangan bumaba at sa mobile ko  na lang gagawin ang reservation.

I was dead hungry so I decided to go to McDo and ordered breakfast and immediately sat outside while munching and presto - I got error page after error page after error page.  What's goin on??!!!  

There were exchange of tweets and PMs between my Pinoy Fitness friends, we were asking each other if we all got the same error message - and yes we did, and a few minutes after, The Bull Runner tweeted that the reservation is moved to 12 noon.  

It was a relief.  The website was soooo busy and there was heavy internet traffic as thousands of hopefuls like me may want to access the site all at the same time dying for a slot.  Knowing that there are only 600 souls who will be able to reserve, the thousands who would want to be part of the event would surely do everything to make it to that list.

In any case, it was a little hell for me because I was a bit apprehensive that my mobile my fail me.  Good thing I was not alone in that dilemma.  The good thing that I really appreciated out of this reservation bruhaha is that runners and friends tend to unite - asking for each other's details and promising each other to try to reserve a slot or each other.  Talk about bayanihan.  I had my own share of such - thanks to Roxanne ang Joyce and Rhea - team Rock and Road. Thanks guys.

In any case, 12 noon it is.... 

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