Sunday, September 2, 2012

TBRDM 2013 - My Noon Dilemma

5:00 AM was semi-hell because I was so anxious, in panic, and a lot of things were going on in my mind while eagerly wanting to reserve a slot for TBRDM 2013. I was just on break then, the website was down and I was soooo hungry.  I was thankful that the reservation was moved to 12 noon.  I thought it will be a lot easier for me since I will be home by then and I can use my laptop instead of my mobile - but that's what I THOUGHT.
My friend wanted to get an ID from SSS - on a Saturday because SSS near SM Manila is open.  Whew... I was really hesitant but obliged anyway.  I was thinking - that I could still reserve using m mobile anyway.  I just got home then from work, and needed to rest for a few minutes before we head for SM Manila.  It was already 10 AM then when we left home and I made sure my mobile had enough batt.

It was a good thing though that we headed back home early that we arrived at around 20 mins before 12 noon, so I immediately went online and straight to the reservation site. DOWN.  Website was down.  This time, Ms. Jaymie was able to announce immediately that the reservation is moved, for the 2nd time, to September 2 at 12 noon.

That was a lot of time for all people to prepare, to relax and to wait for the reservations to start.  This time, a new website was given -, which I suppose, would also be the site for all TBR updates and all.  

With a sigh of relief, the site was bookmarked. September 2 at 12 noon it is.

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